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 My first  5 Guinea pigs , after not having any for the passed 20 years. I also show from time to time and have met some friendly people over the years.

I Hope you have a look at our site and like the Guinea pigs. If you see me at a show come and chat to me.

We are also on facebook ( Bertose Cavies and Friends)

Thanks Rob

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News and Info


        We have just ad 3 new pigs to live with us and have 2 more on the way hope to have them in September


       Bertose will be having to come and stay with us some Rex's, we hope to be showing them this year.


        Sandbach show we did well at the show today, it is one of out local shows just takes 40 minuits to get to.


         Up and out by 7am to the Warrington show with Poodle and Winky was a good day for them both. 


         Came our new boar from Greenmount he is called Wee Willie Winky , he is setting in well ,and started chatting to the sow's next to him straight away.


           Fidget and Kuki have become mum and dad to two babies today Sow Buff and white and a Boar Gold and White, the sow will be staying with us and will be caked Bertose Poodle, Hope to be showing her later in the year.


          We have been to Sandbach show today had a good day and it was nice to see old friends, we just took 3 girls today, Kuki, Bertose summer and Bertose Midnight Blu. They did well in the classes, the results are on the show page.


       Up at the crack of dawn to Warrington show, glad the clocks went back, the night before. It was a good day Kuki did well, 1st and 3rds and Bertose Summer 2nd in her first show.


     Bertose Marmit and Fidget, became a mum and dad today , just one in the litter, a lilac girl. She will be staying with us at Bertose she will be called Bertose Mindnight Blu.


       We went to betley show and did well, collected 1, 2nd  and 4,3rd what fab day, just wish it did not rain all day. 


      Deva had 3 babies 1 Chocolate and White boy, 1 Chocolate Mixed Roan Girl and 1Black and White boy. All are well ,photos will be on Newborns. The dad as been told.


        We had 2 new Teddies join us today from Beauvale cavies ( Fidget) and Greenmount Cavies (Kuki). I hope to bee showing both of them soon.


         Marmite as become a mum on the 6.2.14 all babies are doing well, photo will be place on babies page latter this week, and I would like to thank Hazel for all you help and support,